3PATAS (Carla Neila, Isabel González and Santiago Hermosín) is a creative product design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They recently collaborated with Spanish design brand Francesc Ros on a project called 3×3.

3×3 is a collection of tables that, when combined, form a nice little family. Based on the research of 3PATAS talking with users, they discovered that city dwellers were looking for multi-functional furniture that didn’t take up too much space, yet was attractive enough for their distinctive tastes.Whether used for entertaining or just hanging out and watching TV, these tables can accommodate any task.

The main table features two smaller, built-in tables that can be removed and used for other activities. In the meantime, to fill in the holes, the designers created bowls that can be used for fruit, toys, or even as an ice bucket.

For more information about where and how to get one, you can contact 3PATAS.

Photos by Alicia Calle.