If there’s ever been a television which one could envision prominently displayed by a dastardly dashing Bond villain, it might be the Bang & Olufsen’s Ultra Hi-Def 4K BeoVision Avant television. Advertised as the “The one that moves”, the 55-inch 4K LED TV (3940 x 2160 resolution) sets itself apart from the burgeoning market of ultra resolution televisions with a set of elegant motorized movements and environmental adaptive technologies.

Turning on the BeoVision Avant sets forth a series of “ooh” inducing movements. When used with its included base stand the display automatically moves from a default standby setting, rotating according to user presets for optimal viewing, while a built in 3-channel soundbar speaker discreetly emerges from the bottom of the display for audio duty. When wall-mounted or used with the optional table stand, the Beovision Avant cantilevers upward or outward from a resting standby position as pre-programmed for the best view. The total effect is a television which seems to come alive at the touch of a button.


“Lighting conditions change throughout the day – redder by sunset, or cooler and more bluish by day. In response to this challenge; we developed a new Chromatic Room Adaptation technology.” – Ben Verbraak, Senior Manager, Research and Development in Picture and Display Technology


Two innovative features are hidden: B&O engineered the BeoVision Avant to dynamically adjust the set’s picture throughout the day. The Chromatic Room Adaptation system analyzes ambient light using two sensors, adjusting the picture to best work with ambient lighting and the color of the surrounding space. Similarly, an Automatic Bass Adaptation audio system adjusts and optimizes bass according to the acoustics of surrounding walls.



The sleek and slender IR BeoRemote One is crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminum and can be custom engraved to end all debates about who holds the remote in the household. If you’ve ever dreamt of controlling your electronics with a bar of silver, this may be as close as you come to fulfilling the wish.



More about the design and specs of the BeoVision Avant available at Bang & Olufsen.