When Canadian designer Geoffrey Lilge took on the task of tricking out his wife’s new restaurant, he found himself obsessed with finding the perfect cutting and charcuterie boards. This led to selling the restaurant and starting OnOurTable, a beautiful collection of kitchen and dining room objects handcrafted from solid wood.

Box Series (above) – new items include: 3 charcuterie boards, 2 fruit boxes, a serving tray, and cutlery box. Crafted from hand-finished solid walnut, the collection aims to strip down each product to simply their essential forms.

9.5.2 Box : Bread : Walnut

Tapping into their shared food experiences, the husband-and-wife duo (Cindy, the wife) developed their diverse collection in hopes of inspiring people “to savour every detail when cooking, dining and sharing.”

9.7.2 Box : Cutlery

9.6.2 Box Knife Block

9.9.2 Box : Tray

9.8.3 Box : Fruit Square

9.8.2 Box : Fruit

6.0.2 Hole Slab Pico

3.0.2 Table Deck Baguette

7.5.2 Culina Block