From Werner Aisslinger comes Bikini Island, designed for Moroso, which is a modular furniture system that lets you mix and match the elements to create your own custom piece. The idea is to design your own unique island, perhaps in the middle of your living room. With components like stools, tables, coat racks, containers, shelves, screens, work surfaces, and seats, Bikini Island has you covered.


The design is meant to challenge the idea that your sofa has to go against the wall to form the traditional layout. Now, you can build from the center out instead of starting at the walls and building in.


Aisslinger’s thought behind it is to bring friends and family together in a world where we’re so focused on all things digital.


Bikini Island was originally designed by Aisslinger for the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin that he designed, but Moroso knew it could work in the home as well. It will debut in Moroso’s showroom during this year’s NYCxDesign.