bitplay takes everyday objects and makes them fun and interactive. Their objects are functional and sleek, but they add just a little bit of magic — or “play” — to the everyday.

Bang! Lights out! BANG! lets you do just that: shoot the lights out. You fire a gun-shaped remote at the lamp to turn it off. The light goes out and the lampshade knocks to the side, showing that it’s been hit.

Play with time –- or at least, play with your alarm clock. Puzzle makes it fun to set your alarm by letting you manipulate the numbers yourself. It is an elegant wooden box, with a front face that has four digits that are flush against the face. You physically arrange the strokes of the digital numbers in order to set the time on your alarm. When it is correctly set, the alarm icon lights up in the corner of the face.

TikTikTIk is the perfect light for reading or even just cuddling a bit before bed — or for people who otherwise forget to turn off the light! Pulling down on TikTikTIk’s pull chain sets the length of time the light is on. The further you pull the chain, the longer the lamp stays on. The lamp pull retracts silently until a few minutes before the timer runs out. The light dims and then turns off.

bitplay debuted their first line of products last week at Tokyo Designers Week. Descriptions above are from the designers.