Bodum’s new BISTRO Pour Over Coffee Machine is an electric drip machine that’s gotten an overhaul. It’s such an obvious idea, we can’t believe they didn’t think of it sooner. The coffee drips into an insulated thermos instead of a plain old glass pot, so coffee will actually stay hot.

The inner workings have improved too. Water heats up close to a boil, and is carried to the coffee grounds via an insulated pipe. In addition, there’s a titanium-plated, stainless steel filter instead of wasteful paper ones. As an added bonus, you can witness the entire brewing process because the back of the machine is transparent.

Lastly, the shape makes a lot of sense too; it’s compact and rectangular, so it slides easily into tight spaces, abutting nicely against other counter appliances. And never mind the snazzy colors. . .

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