You know it’s a hassle to have to carry around your bulky, USB wall charger, plus a battery backup for your phone, right? BOLT is a small, portable USB wall charger, designed by FLUXMOB, that also has a built-in 3000mAh Li-Ion battery that will recharge your mobile device at anytime. The BOLT is good for 1.5 charges!


It comes with fold-out prongs so you don’t need a separate cable to plug it in. Now you can replace your standard wall charger with the BOLT to eliminate all the bulk when you travel.


BOLT charges most any device that charges via USB, so that means your smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, point and shoot cameras, etc.



They’re $59.99 and you can purchase them from REIGN23 or FLUXMOB.

If you order from REIGN23, enter coupon code ‘designmilk’ at checkout to receive 10% off a BOLT.