Located in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, Casa Mecano is a residence designed by Robles Arquitectos that’s situated on a hilltop for natural ventilation and spectacular views. Seeing that it’s built in a tropical environment with lots of sunlight and rain, it was important to incorporate ways to control the direct rays with the use of a controllable sail. They’ve also put to use a tank to collect rainwater that is then used for irrigation.

Their goal was to integrate environmentally friendly practices during construction but also into the design of the home. They kept the footprint to a minimum with a scaled back design and the use of a modular steel structural system, which reduced the need for materials and the debris that they left behind.

The large paneled windows also allow for the house to be filled with natural light.

I really want to go for a dip in this pool!

The roof

Photos by Andrés García Lachner.