A limited edition of eight pieces, this cabinet by Paul Heijnen is the first in a family of furniture that he plans on designing over the next few years. The design for this cabinet started when he explored the relationship between the inside and outside of the cabinet.

From the designer:

In my opinion the inside of a cabinet is purely functional storage space, while the outside has more of an aesthetic function and value. When I was looking at things that fascinate me I saw how an old industrial cooling tower was build up and found a metaphorical translation of the relation I was looking for. A skeleton frame, on the outside, interesting for the eye with a completely open space on the inside. The consequences implied when translating this into a cabinet led to a possibility to create all kinds of mechanical components made out of the wooden strips that also form the basis of the modular system constructing the cabinet. A form of designing and creating that in its essence is aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling the function of the object at the same time. Showing Materials in a pure and honest way.