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  • The first day we rapidly sketched down our ideas and ideated forms with modeling clay.
  • Our early sketches included way more materials that we had time to use but captured our concept.
  • This mood board displays the focus on intimacy in this project, as the concept transformed from hair brushing to sharing a pillow.
  • Early versions of the project focused on intimacy dealt with a box puzzle that required two people to solve.
  • Many ideas from the early phases of concept development were left strewn about the floor.
  • The cultural background project’s early phases were very similar to the final forms. Like many of the projects though, the first sketches were more complicated and included lights.
  • Based on the story of Adam and Eve, this piece focuses on the irreversibility of the loss of innocence. When the light is turned on, it falls and releases glass shards on the ground.
  • This project focused on what sets apart and also brings together people of different cultural backgrounds—and ultimately focused on the celebration of food as a common ground.
  • This piece is part of my team’s project, and depicts the final phase of personal transformation, when one becomes driven by internal rather than external influences.