I am always excited to get my hands on brand new technology, but I’m even more excited to start making it my own. Standard Ringtone? Goodbye! Default screen background? Delete! As the web and design becomes more and more personal and interactive, I continue to look forward to technology moving in the same direction.

I got my hands on the new HTC Windows Phone 8X to use for my business line, and realized I needed some cool wallpapers for my new phone. It comes with some beautiful, artistic starter photos, but I wanted to personalize it with some of my favorite inspiring Designer Desktop designs that we’ve had over the past few years, so I asked the designers of a few of my favorites to resize them for my new phone.

But it would be unfair to keep them all to myself, so here are the designs for you to download, too (sized at 720×1280):

Lisa Congdon \\\ DOWNLOAD

Tali Furman (2 versions) \\\ DOWNLOAD V1 \\\ DOWNLOAD V2

Kelly Beall \\\ DOWNLOAD


Catrina Dulay \\\ DOWNLOAD

Now, the question is… which one to choose first?