Gregory Han is the managing editor of home solutions and décor site Apartment Therapy Los Angeles, alongside the home technology site, Unplggd. In past iterations he’s found himself as an art director for several video game publications, an industrial and packaging designer for the toy industry, and as a contributor for several culture and tech websites. He currently resides in Silver Lake, CA with his two extremely naughty cats, and occasionally ill-behaved partner in crime, Emily.

Here are five people or things that currently inspire my five senses (+1):


Sight: Jonathan Lo of J3, It’s (K)not Wood, and Happy Mundane. His recent limited edition ‘zine ode to magazines, “At Your Leisure” reminded me that while print may fade into the background, the printed image resonates in a way online imagery will never fully capture.


Sound: I first fell in love with the work of Portland creative duo, Impactist, after seeing their animated feature, Parallelostory. The infinite possibility of love and the stars are realized by the slow build up of the score, “Cup of Water Crying (Multiverse Edit)”. Afterward, I spent  the whole evening downloading all their (free) tracks and they’re amongst my favorite songs to work to.


Touch: Our new Inmod Design Studio custom duvet is a welcome addition to our bedroom, with a linen/cotton mix which keeps the bed warm without being suffocating, thanks to the linen. As a couple with “I’m too hot/I’m too cold” syndrome, the bedding does a fine job of quelling complaints. It also looks great, thanks to the option to customize the design/colors.


Smell: The desert air out in Joshua Tree. We just returned from a quiet and reflective time staying at the architectural desert pavilion known as Acido Dorado. The building’s walls can all be slid open to permit the desert air to enter from nearly every side, and the subtle, but noticeable fragrance of the desert was an invisible companion our whole time there (unfortunately, for my better half, it was an allergen-inducing intruder).

image credit: revrev on Flickr

Taste: The Golden State burger on Fairfax. It’s modest in size, but don’t let that fool you…the pillowy brioche buns and freshly ground local beef is an uncompromising dedication to the simple pleasures of what should be an unfussy food. I’ve been known to eat three burgers in one sitting, and would likely eat more if capable, such is the desire to maintain the sensory joy of each bite instilled by combination of meat, bread and vegetables.


Sixth Sense: Los Angeles artists Souther Salazar’s paintings and sculptures seem to unconsciously capture the wonder and awe the sensation of discovery affords us when we stop to take the time to stop and just look. His work has an uncanny ability to tap into that inner mode of freedom we often shed from the transition from child to adult. It’s good to be reminded it’s still there, slumbering and waiting to be awoken.