French designer Patrick Norguet may be a man of few words but his creativity and talent are plentiful. While considering himself an industrial designer, Norguet has proved himself by lending his design skills to other arenas like interior design. His design aesthetic carries a Nordic feel with products featuring clean lines and no extraneous details. Throughout the years, Norguet has worked with brands like Artifort, Poltrona Frau, Lea Ceramiche, Cassina, Kristalia, and one of the first, Cappellini, who brought forth his Rainbow Chair in 1999 which become an instant classic. The chair found its way into MoMA’s permanent collection and the rest is history. For this week’s Friday Five, Norguet shares with us what keeps him inspired.

1. Polaroid SX-70
It never leaves me – it’s my third eye.

Photo credit: Dimitri Coste

Photo credit: Dimitri Coste

2. Porsche 911 E 1969
The Porsche 911 E 1969 was designed when automobiles embodied elegance. I love driving it on country roads.


Source unknown

3. Dieter Rams
If I could pinpoint one single reason why I became a designer, it would be because of this master and his work for Braun.


4. Ruby
A beautiful French brand. Merci Mr. Coste!

5. Marche Lab
I share a passion with my friend Jerome Mage and his own brand, Marche Lab.