Interior designer Trip Haenisch resounded loudly on our radar when his work was featured on the cover of Elle Decor last summer. Yup, the one with Courteney Cox on the cover. Of course, to Haenisch, working with celebs is all part of a day’s work, as he also counts Aaron Sorkin, Christina Aguilera, and Cher (Cher!) among his clients. But don’t get the wrong idea. Haenisch’s work reveals not a trace of bling. His style is understated and clean. His Friday Five feels wonderfully insider-y — in addition to a concept car and very famous fashion designer, Haenisch spotlights his favorite photographer, furniture designer, and yoga retreat.

1. Alex Prager
I just bought this stunning artwork by Los Angeles-born artist Alex Prager from her series, “Compulsion.” I spotted the diptych “3:14 pm, Pacific Ocean” and “Eye #9 (Passenger Casualties)” when I passed by M+B Gallery. The unnerving look of the eye and the  work’s resemblance to a movie still triggered me! Definitely watch out for her crisp, boldly colored and dramatically lit photography!

2. Ingrid Donat
French furniture designer Ingrid Donat provides an interesting counterpoint to today’s reliance on cool, sleek, minimalist design. Ingrid engraves the bronzes, hand paints and stitches the upholstery, and custom treats the wood for all of her work. She is creating antiques of the future. I see her as modern day Giacometti.

3. Audi Concept
Growing up, The Jetsons was my favorite TV show! The Audi Shark’s futuristic flying concept vehicle is super cool, and really well integrated conceptually. Its streamlined design is inspired by motorcycles and airplanes. The future is here!

4. Donna Karan
A women of power that speaks from her heart passionately is a hard find. Donna Karan is one of my biggest inspirations. Her latest engagement is in Haiti. She’s been helping artisans organize and utilize their skills by developing their potential to create business models that can be properly marketed and distributed throughout the US and Europe. She is a perfect example of how design and philanthropy work together.

5. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary
Yoga plays a big part in keeping myself balanced and centered. In the middle of this sanctuary lies a cave in which Buddhist monks have mediated for several hundred years.