Deputy Editor of Atticmag Jane Tulanian is a third generation rug restorer who runs a family business in Northern California. Jane T’s knowledge of Oriental rugs, as well as her interest in home design and collecting, made her an ideal addition to the Atticmag team. Jane T’s natural curiosity and artistic abilities fuels her work as a writer and editor who also manages design community activities for the website and is in touch regularly with the blogosphere.

dreamweavers upcycled rugs

1. Upcycled Rug from Dreamweavers
I give a high five to manufacturers who are repurposing industry waste to create new rugs. Dreamweavers offers rugs made from shoelace fabric, silk fabric from means neckties and cotton t-shirts.

learning rugs

2. Carpets for kids like Learning Carpets
From cute and traditional to wild and hip, the selection for kids is awesome. I especially like the educational carpets from Learning Learn from the U.S. map rug or play hopscotch or shuffleboard, a great way to keep restless little ones busy.

guildcraft carpets

3. The Arts & Crafts Rug Collections from Guildcraft Carpets
Hand knotted from the finest materials and using historically authentic colors these rugs are not only gorgeous (love the Voysey line) but RugMark certified, which mean no child labor was involved in the weaving.

outdoor rugs

4. Polypropylene Rugs, like these from Gaiam
Two reasons these rugs make my list: 1) They are made from recycled plastic soda bottles, keeping them out of our landfills and 2) because they are virtually indestructible. They don’t compare to a wool rug and the design quality isn’t particularly clear, but they are a great option for people with pets/kids because they won’t stain and can be hosed off with no risk of dyes bleeding. Great for outdoor use too.

shaw floors

5. Rug Imaging Software, like this from Shaw Floors
Nothing beats a virtual image to help narrow down your choice when shopping for carpets. Shaw Floors offers “Try on a Floor” a program allowing you to place rugs from their collections in pre-loaded rooms, or upload your own room. It was easy to use and fun.