With his groundbreaking collection, Kyle Bunting has redefined how hide is used in interior applications. From their studio in Austin, Texas, Kyle Bunting and his team of contributing designers have crafted countless works for clients in every corner of the world. From innovation in hide rugs, furniture and wall coverings, to an extensive collection of upholstery, art and architectural solutions, Kyle Bunting creates the Extraordinary in Hide.

Kyle Bunting has unveiled five new spring colors and in his Friday Five, Kyle reflects on the inspiration behind his vibrant choices.

1. Grapefruit
The Golden Gate Bridge is my favorite structure in the world. While it’s orange color is well known, it’s actually far more dynamic than people realize. The bridge’s basic hue is consistent but it read’s many different ways depending on the time of day. Having started the company in San Francisco, many of the colors we use are reflections of the richness of the city. This new color can be seen in the bridge on bright, slightly foggy mornings.

2. Pecan
Texas has wonderful culinary indulgences: Tex Mex, Chicken Fried Steak, and of course BBQ, are best known, but for me nothing compares to warm pecan pie. I grew up here and my family and I call Austin home. This treat reminds me of Sunday lunches from my childhood. The best part is the warm, gooey center of the pie, where this warm caramel color can be found.

3. Sapphire
This color reminds me of Hawaii, and the natural beauty of this tropical paradise. I was married on the Big Island and, for me, no blue can compare to the depth of color found in the Pacific. Like water, light has a real impact on how our colors read. And just like the ocean, this color is vast. Rich in the morning, lighter at mid-day, deep and mysterious in the evening.

4. Pistachio
Ten years ago my father-in-law introduced me to a place on the southern coast of Oregon called Bandon Dunes. Golf is a vice of mine and this is my favorite place to play. Nowhere in the world do more shades of green come together in such a vibrant and elegant way. Majestic firs, wild grasses, and muted fescues help define this spectacular and inspirational place.

5. Stone
Enchanted Rock State Park, just outside Fredericksburg, in central Texas is one of my favorite places. “ERock”, as my son and I like to call it, is a granite dome that covers over 640 acres and is one of the largest batholiths the United States. Granite can have wonderful variation but the colors at the rock are different altogether. In this new color, we’ve captured one of the subtle variations from this spiritual place.