Nina Freudenberger is owner/principal of Haus Interior. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 2003 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Architecture. She moved to New York City to accept a position at the prestigious interior design firm Kondylis Design. After four years of working as a senior designer, Freudenberger ventured out on her own and founded Haus Interior, an interior design firm specializing in the decorating of private residences, model homes, and commercial spaces. In June of 2009, she opened her flagship home accessories boutique for Haus Interior in Nolita, New York City.

1. Hotel Habita in Monterrey, Mexico
I just visited Monterrey and stayed at this hotel, love the mix of natural and the urban industrial, which mimics the feeling of the city.

2. Crocheted Raffia Stool
I always love a hand-crafted piece paired with something tailored and modern.

3. Bowls
The delicate edging on these bowls are really beautiful, I find the simplicity of the shape fascinating, it’s modern combined with an artisan feeling.

4. Pot Hole Gardens
I’m obsessed with these installations by Pete Dungey, creating something so beautiful in the most unexpected locations.

5. Let’s Colour Project
I think it’s so important to support the communities around the world and this outreach program should be an inspiration for everyone to get involved and help where they can. This international project livens up dreary corners of the world with a fresh coat of paint — the photos of the individual projects are stunning.