Canadian company ROLLOUT is a boutique, creative firm founded by Anita Modha and Jonathan Nodrick that is built on a foundation of collaborative innovation and personalized design. Their bespoke surface design and products, including their specialty line of digitally printed eco-conscious wallpaper, have been showcased in trend setting custom residential and commercial interiors across the globe. Working with the most creative and innovative artists and designers, as well as creating in-house designs, ROLLOUT sees their wallpapers as one-of-a-kind artworks for your walls.

For their “five,” Anita and Jonathan are sharing a fun game they use to stay inspired and on their toes. And, they’ve asked you to join in:

As designers, play is integral to our work. It helps in the creative process from ideation to detail design and has the added benefit of making work fun and funny. After an extremely busy week, Friday afternoons are probably our favorite time to take play to a whole new level. Half & Half is a game we started one Halloween to shake things up by going as a mad hybrid of two costumes. It’s easy: take one famous person and mesh them with another seemingly incompatible personality, object, band or whatever you like. Like this!

1. Barry Whitesnake

2. Baroque Obama

3. Lionel Richie Rich

4. Waitrose Waitrose Ghali

5. Half Nelson Mandela

Some other favorites:
– Mohammad Armani
– Advil Lavinge
– Pita von Teese
– Hillary Snuff
– Alf Pacino
– Marmaluke Skywalker
– Salmonella Rushdie
– Ethel Mormon
– Jesus Chrysler
– Chairman Meow

Think you can do better? Then email us your half & half to: [email protected] or post your idea in the comments below.