Mihoko Ouchi and Sherwood Forlee own and operate the., a little outfit that designs and sells a variety of unique products. Without any set principles or philosophies to limit their designs and inventions, the duo’s creations are the result of whim and imagination. From moldy sandwich bags to MP3 speakers, Mihoko and Sherwood’s products span the range from fun to serious.

Here are some things that inspire this dynamic duo:

— Mihoko’s inspiration —

1. Sky
The ever-changing clouds and colors of the sky is my best source of inspiration (one of my works is inspired by the colors of the sky). This picture is of the sky from the window of my old flat in Brooklyn as seen through Yoko Ono’s toy postcard “A Hole to See the Sky Through“.

2. California
We recently moved from NYC to a small little town in California for more space and fresh air. Since I’ve always lived in big cities, I can’t stop noticing and smiling at all the colors, shapes, and tastes of nature that are more dynamic, defined, and delicious.

3. This pic
It always sets my attitude straight.

— Sherwood’s inspiration —

(click here if you can’t see the video)

4. Dance
In particular, locking, breaking, and new jack swing. As a dancer myself, I spend a lot of time watching videos of other dancers doing incredible things with their bodies, all in the name of fun.

5. Desktop Dumpsters
I love miniature-sized things, and this is a recent find that I’m saving up for.