Valentin Garal was born In Madrid, Spain and graduated in industrial design, recently moved to Mexico as Design Director for Integral DF. He develops art and design works that are market orientated but also that increasingly consider social factors, selective quantities, high quality materials and handcraft skills. In addition, he received an intensive continuous education, learning from such designers as Sigga Heimis, Héctor Serrano, Moritz Waldemeyer, Culdesac, etc. Garal is multi-skilled with an approach that is both energetic and professional.

Ulrike Castle (Boisbuchet). Photo: Choche Gómez

1. Domaine de Boisbuchet, France
This paradise has been my life during the last 3 years… At the middle of the French landscape this amazing domain changed my life and my vision not just about design, but about life. The feeling is impossible to express in a few lines, but when you don’t need any object or any superficial thing your vision about producing stuff changes forever. Highly recommend to check their summer workshops program.

2. Integral DF, Mexico
Recently moved to Mexico as design director for this new company. A really exciting new adventure. At the Mexico heart, Integral DF is developing a new concept of transversal design. With incredible working spaces and machinery, a high quality conferences and events calendar and a design department which select the most appropriate profiles for each project. I hope this to be my home for a long time, at the same time that develop my personal projects.

3. La Permanente, Madrid, Spain
This beautiful new design gallery at Madrid is more than a shop, it represents passionate working of the new Spanish creative generation. Still unknown, the Spanish identity is based in powerful concepts and high quality manufacturing, including always our social skills and love for live. Currently having an exhibition of architect and artist Luis Urculo that’s a must if you visit Madrid.

4. Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
This recently reformed school has got one of the best European installations. With Norway not being affected (almost) by the crisis and the amazing professionals of the KHIO, is a place to focus and appreciate. Also with the importance and good job of Norwegian design council. Some young Norwegian designers to have in mind are Runa Klock, Daniel Rybakken or Øyvind Wyller.

5. IM Viadukt, Zürich, Switzerland
Designed by EM2N, this shopping center at the arcs of an old bridge at Zürich is a perfect example of how “neo-brutalist” design and architecture fits perfect at antique cities as a conservation but useful way of reconstruction. Switzerland is one of the most important cultural points of Europe with museums like Kunsthaus, Bayeler Foundation or Schaulager.

Portrait of Valentin Garal by Sergio Mendoza.