Many people like outdoor fires simply for that amazing wood burning scent. Who could blame them! Unfortunately, modern ultra modern ethanol or gas designs don’t offer that wood-burning smell. If you are still hesitating between options for your outdoor fireplace and are weighing out the merits of various options, you may want to consider a few novelties in the wood burning market.

First, you may want to explore what else you could burn in the fireplace for that added enjoyment. For example, if you would like a more aromatic experience, you can add pine cones or even apple wood. Essentials oils work too.

If the new ethanol outdoor fireplaces are attracting you because on their convenience, you should be aware a new generation of wood burning designs is emerging to diminish the hassle involved.

Not only are they increasingly as sleek and good looking as those TV-like, wall-mounted ethanol versions now seen in every magazine, many wood burning designs also now include “ash capturing” devices and so are more practical than ever. Let me share a few examples of new wood burning designs:

Conmoto’s NERO is a clever fireplace with an ash drawer.

AK47 offer a huge range of innovative wood burning designs that double up as benches, wood storage or even grills. Pictured above is the Hole fire pit. The top photo is the Zen fire kit.