A great way to unify an outdoor space and an indoor one is through common flooring. And materials that work well in both contexts are not as widespread as one could expect. Specially if you look beyond tiling. So I was thrilled to discover a new option, which is not even madly expensive but allows you to really add color, pattern or you can stay neutral.

Swedish company Bolon‘s flooring are made of vinyl. I was in a store today and confirm the site’s claims: “the textile is unmistakable – almost organic but the flooring, nevertheless, has all the advantages of vinyl: wear-resistant, easy to handle compared to textile floorings and simple to install.”

The selection of designs is huge and some work indoors and out. All RAL colors are available. The brand works with creatives you probably already know: Paul Smith, Tom Dixon, Skype, Armani, etc…

At the very extreme end of creativity one can opt for designs like the above, but the company also offers simple neutral weaves for just about any application: