If you browse through decor magazines presenting trends for 2010, you will notice the number of great twin seats, romantically called “Toi et Moi,” or “You and Me.” Maybe it is a sign of changing values, a desire to enjoy more togetherness or even the return of simple pleasures like conversation. In any event, if these are on your wish list, here are a few alternatives to inspire you.

The “Tu y Yo” from the Saler collection at Gandia Blasco, one of the best modern outdoor brands out there. The brand offers a complete set of pieces, including sofas, daybeds, poufs, etc. The collection is available in a huge variety of colors to mix and match.


If you are inspired by more sculptural designs, then the all-weather Sushi Daybed from Pie Studio is the way to go. The studio, based in Miami, specializes in eco-friendly furniture with many of its pieces hand crafted.


This year a key trend in outdoor furniture is certainly the celebration of traditional materials at their best. In this vein, I guess the winner has to be the Riva 1920 loveseat designed by Jake Phipps.

The official presentation says it all: “A seat with a unique and original design, almost a sculpture in wood. Loveseat is made from the heartwood of cedar tree trunks; the name is evoked by the two ergonomically created seats positioned so that those sitting can maintain eye-contact with each other. It works outdoors  provided it does not have direct contact with water, sun or ice.”