A while back, I posted about great designs that add a modern touch to any outdoor space simply by maximizing the opportunity provided by walls. I talked about adding a trellis or painting a wall, or even adding textiles.

Here are a few more ideas of what to shop to make the most of even the tiniest space.

Wall-mounted BBQs
As the BBQ season opens, I wanted to share the idea of wall-mounted BBQs. They are great for small spaces because they leave precious space available for you to enjoy. They also have a second benefit: as they are wall mounted, they are stable. That is a key attribute and crucial to safety in any busy, small space. My favorite is this wall barbecue made by Focus:

It consists of a steel firebowl that folds up, so that when it is closed it takes up limited space. Attractive in both its open and closed positions, the barbecue is also practical, offering a range of cooking heights. It is easy to mount on any wall. The generous firebowl allows the barbecue to be used a number of times without having to empty out the ash. When you shop for wall-mounted, check they have a back panel to protect the wall from grease and fumes.

Wall-mounted speakers and/or lights
To complete the party, you will need music. Wall-mounted speakers are a great option but multi-function makes these even cooler. They are wall-mounted speakers as well as lights, made by Oluce. Function meets pleasure meets design!

Folding tables
A design that is perhaps less innovative but extremely practical for tiny spaces: the folding table. You can lean it up against the wall when you need to make free space. I was at the Milan Furniture Fair and was surprised many brands have now at last identified this popular need.

The above example is by Domitalia, a simple round table with chairs to rejuvenate the bistro set spirit.

Now go use that wall!