Hanan Kedmi’s final project from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design is called Felt Follows Form. It is a series of experimental jewelry created from felt and computer parts. The designs came out of the search for experimental material combinations.

From the designer:

I was inspired by the aesthetics of the heat sinks which are devices attached to computer parts that is tends to get overheated.

These parts are made mainly out of aluminum and its form is created out of its function. While I was looking for an interesting ways in which to link the metal components, I caught onto felting. This combination between the two materials that comes from completely different worlds challenged me.

Felting usually refers to ancient works and brings associations of warmth and softness but I’ve decided to use a different quality of the material — its ability to function as a shell.

The felt is not only holds the parts but also inlaid in between them.