I want to let you know about wonderlandretreat, a temporary Etsy shop us crafters set up 4 days ago.

The purpose of Wonderland Retreat is to relieve some of the medical bills accrued when our friend Alison Gordon (one of the uber-talented brains behind Bazaar Bizarre and the Sampler) needed unexpected surgery; you see, Alison, like many artists, doesn’t have health insurance.

So far they have had over 160 donations of handmade items, and raised over $2000 for Alison’s medical bills! They are posting new donations constantly, and right now they have some great art pieces for the home, funky jewelry, really an incredible assortment of crafted goodies! I hope you’ll stop by and check it out!

Here is a little more about Alison and the shop: Alison Gordon — crafter of WonderlandQ, co-organizer of Bazaar Bizarre and Sampler Contributor Relations superhero very recently faced a medical emergency. Like many other independent artists and crafters, Alison is without health insurance.

This shop was created by her friends to help ease the financial burden of her ordeal. If you would like to help a fellow crafter, please consider purchasing an item below or donating an item of your own. To donate an item, please contact renee garner at [email protected] for more information.

To make a monetary donation of any size, please send paypal to [email protected]