Among the interesting finds at the Milan Furniture fair, I saw an interest twist on lounge set designs. Instead of working horizontally, designers worked vertically, stacking furniture modules high against a wall, to make their booth quite stunning.

After a little research I found that a new material is helping this novel approach, and I am convinced we can expect to see more of this flexible decor.

Brands have found a way to use high density foam in combination with a very thick waterproof rubber-type paint. The foam is coated and protected yet at the same time the end product is kind of squishy, cuddly and light.

It is therefore easy to stack modules in creative ways and when you want to go back to a more classic feel you can just rearrange.

The added benefit of such arrangements is that you can play up the color combinations that are so hot at the moment and allow your own individuality to express itself!

Pictured above are modules from the Univers range by Fischer Möbel.