We don’t do gift guides here on Design Milk because everyone does them. We like to be different. Last year, we did staff wishlists and once again we thought it would be fun to continue this new tradition and ask each current contributor what was on their wishlist this holiday season — realistic or pipe dream. So, for 2 weeks we featured staff wishlists — see them all here.

These are some of my absolute FAVORITE designs that I would die to buy.

1. Aero by Balmuda
If I were to buy any desk, it would undoubtedly be this desk by Balmuda. Inspired by airplanes, manufactured by laser-cutting steel, coated with glass — I think the word “awesome” describes this desk pretty effectively.

2. Factory Planter by METAPHYS
I’ve been going through a “green” phase, and by that I mean I’ve been populating my whole home and office with plants. I want this.

3. Endless Notebook
Environmental, compact, and endless? I seriously don’t know why I don’t own this yet.

4. Humidifier Ver. 3 by plusminuszero
Yes, it is a humidifier. But it is designed by one of my all-time favorite designers: Naoto Fukasawa. Definitely deserves a spot on my wishlist.

5. Flat Tissue Box by Ideaco
I love plastic design, and this tissue box has just the right curves to make it to my wishlist.