This house in Midorigaoka by Camp Design features a fantastic sliding glass wall system.

From the architect:

When a construction is built in Japan, the space is born from the interaction to the outside environment. It is used as a garden, a garage and the space exists as a place without name. The inside needs to be able to make the connection with the outside of the room by the design of the building’s frame. At first, a big room was built while making “Space” for an existing building frame = site. There is no restriction because of the birth of the space this time. However, contexts of the position, view, and the room arrangement are edited, and the shape of construction has been decided.

Various elements are sprinkled in the space. It characterizes, and there are two spaces, like the extension of the terrace that is called a room terrace, this is a place where part of the side entrance was taken and the client customized freely creating “Doma” of Japan and the sun-room. Another creation, was the communication from dining & kitchen from the balcony. This space invites the outside by using an existing room arrangement. The space under the beam on the wall side serves space to build a large, refreshing room by arranging the furniture for storage, equipment and everyday objects. A “space” that is born between the detached house and the site becomes a garden and the relation between the house and the site ties in a concrete landscape.

Architect: Yusuke Fujita / Camp Design Inc.
Construction: Kyowatechno inc.
Site: Kobe, Japan
Photos: HATTA