Illusions of a Small World, an exhibition by KNOL, was a project inspired by The Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka. Exposed during Dutch Design Week 2010, Illusions of a Small World was a combination of the live installation with hundreds of real insects (grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches, worms etc.) and the corresponding kitchen where the insects were transformed into tasty treats. KNOL says “we dared the visitors to taste and think about this food as a new possibility for the near future.”

From the designers:

A play of bilateral perception.

On one hand arousing a feeling of domination; looking down on a miniature city inhabited by different insect colonies.

We feel big.

Then, on the other hand the overwhelming experience of being placed in the middle of this community.

Shadows crawl over, intimidating, drawing us inside their world.

We feel small.

Finally, the ultimate test. Are we ready to overrule again?