We’re hiring. Design Milk is a fun place to work – there are perks, you can work from anywhere, plus you get to oooh and ahhh at great design all day long. Here are some of our open positions:

Part-Time Fashion/Style Contributor

We are looking to find someone who understands where design and fashion meet.

On a daily and weekly basis you will:

  • Communicate regularly with Executive Editor via email, Skype, phone, and/or instant messenger
  • Contact potential companies and persons for articles
  • Write 3-5 posts per week
  • Other duties as assigned

You will have:

  • Knowledge of what’s going on in the modern fashion world and a deep passion for modern fashion
  • The ability to trend spot—find great post content & create original post content such as emerging indie brands, new seasonal collections, small boutiques and the coolest new innovations in modern fashion design
  • A solid understanding of the Design Milk aesthetic as it translates to fashion
  • Good writing skills, spelling and grasp of the English language
  • Ability to work independently and be a self-starter
  • Blogging experience
  • Experience with social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Photo editing skills (cropping, resizing, photo montage)
  • Willingness to learn, eager, dedicated, and passionate
  • A desire to grow with Design Milk
  • A professional demeanor but a good sense of humor
  • WordPress experience (a plus)
  • Knowledge of HTML (a plus)

What you will get out of this experience:

  • Experience in online publishing for a top design blog
  • Money!
  • Photo and link to your website(s) on the site and promotion of your own pursuits
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of internet publishing
  • A super fun and crazy awesome time
  • Recommendation from the Editor


  • Travel to really cool places to do and see really cool things
  • A flexible schedule, and you can work in your PJs from anywhere in the world (international applicants are welcome)
  • The opportunity to meet and interview some very well-respected designers
  • Tons of networking

Pay: Based on experience

Duration: Permanent position, starting at about 5-10 hours/week, start date TBD

How to Apply: I am accepting applications via email only. Please do not message me on Twitter or Facebook to apply. Please send the following to info [at] design-milk.com with subject “Design Milk Fashion Writer”:

  • Resume
  • A statement about why you are a good fit for Design Milk
  • A sample fashion post that you think would be good for publication Design Milk
  • Links to any websites you have worked or currently work for
  • Anything that you think represents your work or experience related to fashion

*All Design Milk posted jobs are part-time, contract positions.