I’m headed once again to the Altitude Design Summit to speak this year about balancing work and social media. The event is in Salt Lake City from January 19-22 and if you are an aspiring design or lifestyle blogger or a designer, retailer, manufacturer, or even a PR firm looking to connect with bloggers it’s a great event to attend (there’s still time to register!). There’s lot to learn and an amazing speaker lineup, plus the opportunity to canoodle with some of your favorite writers. Since I just unloaded every cent I own into a brand new house, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have received sponsorship to attend the event from The Kaleidoscope Partnership, the premier global social media agency for the home furnishings and design industries.

Started by founder and CEO Leslie Carothers 8 years ago, it has executed on major social media campaigns for clients as diverse as industry supplier Cargill’s BiOH polyols division, high end luxury manufacturers ShinebySHO and The New Traditionalists, trade shows like the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and World Market Center Las Vegas as well as for a variety of retailers. In addition to long term strategic work for major clients, The Kaleidoscope Partnership has completed one time consulting assignments for a number of interior designers and smaller establishments seeking to learn the fundamentals of a sound social media strategy for their businesses.

Leslie is a well known industry speaker and writer. She has written Furniture Today‘s *Retail Ideas* blog for the last 7 years and has been an industry and keynote speaker at numerous national and international furniture industry events. You can find out more about these activities by visiting lesliecarothers.extendr.com.

Leslie is also a micro-blogger on Twitter where she is known as @tkpleslie and can often be found sharing and tweeting with design and furniture friends from around the world in order to grow the community of conversation around how important all aspects of home are to the well being and peace of mind of each one of us.

You can also find Leslie on Linked In at linkedin.com/in/lesliecarothers and on The Kaleidoscope Partnership’s Facebook Page at

If you are a designer, retailer or manufacturer looking to expand the knowledge about social media and this industry, please consider joining her group on Linked In: Social Media for Furniture Retailers and Manufacturers.