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  • Seat controls are all maneged via touchscreen menu, with the option for a standard seven-seat layout, or six-seat, five-seat or roomy four-seat 'limousine' mode. Detachable, carry-away stroller-style luggage is integrated into the Discovery Vision's doors, with full-blown info-tainment displays for rear seated passengers. Photo: Gregory Han
  • Photo: Gregory Han
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  • LR-Discovery_Vision-tech2.jg
  • Augmented reality technology – Smart Glass  – is designed to be viewable from around and above. Photo: Gregory Han
  • Photo: Gregory Han
  • Saddington
  • Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, outlining many of the fuel efficiency measures being researched to increase mileage in all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. Photo: Gregory Han