Lee Walsh is a UK-based designer who was trained and specialized in three-dimensional design. He sent over his portfolio of pieces for publication. I enjoy the angles of each piece, and I especially enjoy the outdoors-meets-indoors look of the patterned Cane tables.



Cane: The graphic aesthetic of traditional hand-woven cane is exploded and reproduced in sheet steel. The linear pattern is used both horizontally and diagonallly to dictate the form, resulting in two variations. This product is scaleable and a glass top can be added to create a 100% useable surface.


Tulip: The Tulip table is an elegant, sculptural piece created from 2mm laser cut steel, folded steel to form a table with no legs. Instead, it’s giant petals reach upwards to elevate the circular glass top.


Pedestal: A pedestal traditionally consists of 3 components: a base, stem and top. Here, 2 identical cantilever components attach back to back to support eachother, whilst the negative cutout creates dialogue between this and it’s predecessors.


Frame: 4 bent steel components make up the main structure of the Frame table, and 4 sils offset from the upper face serve the dual purpose of strengthening the structure and supporting the smoked glass top.