You might remember the Meltdown lamps from Johan Lindstén (of Lindstén Form Studio) that we featured recently during our SaloneSatellite coverage from Milan Design Week. Well, the talented Swede has another great design in his arsenal with these Level tables. This table has more functions than you could possibly need and it looks great to boot.

He traveled to Japan after the earthquake of 2011 and pondered what the effect of a meltdown would be. The bulb in the glass appears to almost melt through the bottom as if a disaster was already happening.

He began to study the standard bedside tables and lamps that each hotel room came with during his stay. He took that knowledge and with a lot of imagination, he has created a table with an infinite amount of possibilities besides the glass globe lamp on top.

How genius!? You can plug your iPhone in and hide the cord at the same time.

Awesome design and most of all, I love the color combinations!