Metal Spinning is a graduation project from James Shaw, who is studying design at Kingston University, which recently won an award at New Designers 2010 in London.

From the designer:

This project is an exploration of the process of metal spinning. Metal spinning is a now often overlooked process whereby a disc of metal is pushed onto a former while both are being turned at high speeds on a lathe producing axismetrical forms. It is an interesting process as it combines a high level of hand skill with the ability to produce objects quickly, therefore it can be thought of as a kind of ‘industrial craft’.

In this project I developed three objects that are intended to be an intelligent and novel use of the process with a strong sense of utility and simple beauty.

Indoor/Outdoor Table
A three-foot spinning makes the top of this table, which is both strong and lightweight. The process of spinning is gives rigidity to thin sheet metal. The powder-coated top provides weather protection for the traditionally jointed leg structure underneath affording the use of a wood with a stronger sense of quality and a greater longevity to the whole object. The top can be removed from the legs with ease and both can be stacked making it suitable for use in cafes or restaurants.

Ball Joint Lamp
A hemispherical element sits inside a base creating a ball joint that allows for simple and pleasurable adjustment of angle. A gloss powder coating on the upper element increases the lubricity, a fabric covered twist flex gives a nostalgic quality affording the object a sense of timelessness.

Dustpan and Brush
A spinning is cut in half and shaped producing two dustpans, a carefully placed hole creates a seat for the brush and allows the object to be stored hung on the wall. The brush crafted from ash with dyed natural bristles nests comfortably into the shape of the dustpan. This is intended to be an entirely different typology from the 1.99 injection moulded versions of this product, being rather a product for life which the user will cherish for its quiet beauty and functionality.