Here at Design Milk, we love Moleskine. I’ve been drawing in Moleskines for 3 years now, and I just love it. Recently, Moleskine launched a new website with a very cool customized component: MSK, which allows you to print custom pages for your Moleskine. Here are the specs:

Wizard: Set up the page with your image and text and print out your MSK page to put into your Moleskine. Choose the image from your desktop and write out or copy and paste the text.

Contacts: Download all your contacts from Outlook, Plaxo or your phone and print them out in your Moleskine. Export your contacts in Vcard format and choose how you want them printed.

Events: Schedule the events you are attending and fit them in your Moleskine. Look out for the iCal file of the event and then choose what you want to print out and the layout.