The newest piece from TOUCH is a stool called Open, a visionary, multifunctional stool designed in Portugal and manufactured local to TOUCH in Los Angeles.

On the Open stool, TOUCH worked with designers Cláudio Cardoso and Telma Verissimo of Studio Verissimo. Open is carefully and attentively assembled at a small woodshop in Los Angeles. Manufactured using FSC-certified sugar pine, the design of Open is based on a traditional Portuguese stool, but incorporates a new vision as it can be used in a variety of ways. With a slot cut out of one side, the stool can serve a second purpose as a doorstop or even as a side table. Open was designed to incorporate functionality and mood — blending traditional style with contemporary details such as the color accent on each stool.

TOUCH collaborates with emerging designers and believes that one should not have to choose between functionality and good design. Their goal is to present design that enhances people’s lives while being environmentally responsible.