This month marks the anniversary of the death of Charles Eames. You may not know it, but it’s also the anniversary of the death of Ray Eames. Yes, she died on the same day, August 21st – exactly 10 years after Charles. If you didn’t know that I bet you love them even more now, right?

I gathered some items for this month’s Design Milk Lost Crate that celebrate the Eameses and their relationship, design office, and their overwhelming breadth of work.

First, I chose Eames: The Architect and The Painter, a documentary about the couple by Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey narrated by James Franco. And, since I can’t fit an Eames lounge chair and ottoman in the box, I picked this fantastic print by illustrator and artist Jen Renninger – so you can say I sent you an Eames chair. You can get your very own Eames Lost Crate here.