The Melbourne-based Sawdust Bureau (great name, by the way!) crafts handmade, limited edition pieces of furniture with a stellar attention to the small details. One of their designs, Pinch, is both a coffee table and a bench seat that was cleverly inspired by a classic burlesque performer. The piece is made to both conceal and reveal – a narrow, shadowy space to stash your less intellectual reading materials, like gossip rags, while the other end let’s you proudly display your latest issues of Time or The Economist.


Pinch revels in the fact that it is infinitely more tantalizing to conceal than to reveal.


The overall shape is a rectangular loop that’s been “pinched” to form the two spaces of storage. A cylindrical concrete leg holds the one side up while one of the corners of the former rectangle becomes the other base.


Built from reclaimed Jarrah and Victorian Ash, the wooden slats are finished with a traditional Danish oil. Pinch is being produced in a limited edition run of 20 with each being individually stamped with an edition number.