Room Moments I / II are two rugs by Amsterdam-based designer Franziska Wernicke.

From the designer:

A story or moment unfolds. The dye becomes an image and communicates with its surroundings, the 2D rug as a frame of dimension. The rug opens up the dimensions of the room, playing with perspectives, 2 D and 3D and the viewers’ perception of composition and construction. The rugs can be placed on the floor or the wall. Play with it and open up your dimensions!

“A daydream, the kind that is attracted by detail or by features of reality which, at first, seem insignificant. There are angles and corners from which I can not escape. For to great dreamers of corners and holes, nothing is ever empty, the dialectics of full and empty only correspond to two geometrical non-realities. The function of inhabiting constitutes the link between full and empty.

“It is not about places, it is about pictures which surround me, are in me and are kept in my mind. There is a feel about those images, an apparent emptiness, fainted, pale. A yearning for the ordinary is what intrigues me. They are unspectacular, with dissonances. The traces in the rooms are the only signs of the absence and presence of life. A home.”