Rota-lab is a laboratory of applied arts based in Rome that is dedicated to the creation of original works. For example, pictured above is Animalhouse, a revised 1950s cupboard.

Working with wood, metals and resins and tapping into a Italy’s rich and varied tradition of craftsmanship, Rota-lab produces a limited series of furniture, lamps and interior furnishings, adapted to the functional needs and aesthetics of contemporary living. Many unique pieces arose from Rota-lab’s passion for the recovery of found and/or abandoned objects, and their ability to give these objects a new life and a new function.

Aptico table (maple, pear and wengé solid wood)

Battilardo trays/chopping block made of leftover wengé, chestnut, cherry solid wood

Poisson floor lamp made of high-temperature lacquered tubular steel and Crepa, furniture with drawers or doors

Fold chairs with adjustable back in steel and birch plywood. The blocking mechanisms were devised and manufactured by Felice Farina.

Germobili, outdoor furniture in high temperature lacquered steel and Walle, another one-of-a-kind piece, a steel structure with a lacquered MDF drawer. The lampshade was made from a abandoned factory found trash can.

Moka table lamps, which are transformed disused coffee machines.

Wrought-iron, wood and crystal table created in collaboration with Arte Stenico (wrought iron master craftsmen)

Toobe lamps made from plumbing pipes