Bagel is designed by Tokyo-based designer Oji Masanori. The plate is designed to be versatile and functional. Convenient in outdoor or party settings, a user can hold both the plate and his/her drink simultaneously. It also comes in a variety of materials including maple, walnut, and cherry.

An alternative functionality is a trivet that imitates the same bagel aesthetic. The bagel trivets also come in maple, walnut, and cherry, and in two sizes.

I’ve seen a few designs of the plate and cup combo, but this is now one of my favorites. Bagel Plates need to become ubiquitous at events and parties that serve food and drink. It’s always an awkward struggle to maintain any level of cool while juggling around drinks and plates and trying to talk to someone all at the same time. The plates cost ¥5,000, which is roughly $62 USD.