Felt Case is a minimalist design created by cloudandco for elevenplus. The case can house various electronic devices such as an iPad, Macbook Air 11″, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. The case only takes up a small space within the user’s bag, but serves its purpose as a protector and organizer for the various needs of today’s tech-savvy individuals.

The material of the case is polyester felt, and the label material is made of polyurethane. The outside material comes only in grey, but the inside can come in grey or orange. The cases are intricately hand-made and come with various pockets that can house your business cards, headphones, or power supply to name a few.

I like the packaging of this product almost as much as I like the product itself. I also love the fact that the inside pocket can be used as a mousepad surface. I’ve been looking everywhere for iPad cases, and they are either unattractive, dysfunctional, obscenely expensive, or a combination of the three. Priced at only $55, Felt Case is a solution that looks beautiful, and functional flawlessly.