Stamug is a minimalist design created by Osaka-based firm Metaphys. This stackable mug is the newest edition to Metaphys’ collection of porcelain wares. The project was conceived due to the impractical and space-consuming designs of traditional mugs. Having limited horizontal space within the cupboard, vertical stacking was the most viable solution for saving space.

Although stackable, the mug does not impair the functionality of an easy-to-grip handle. The designers decided to focus on three specific points for the mug – it can be stackable, it can be held firmly, and it is large enough so that it could be used for drinking soups. The mug comes in a variety of colors including Tianmu Gloss White, Matte White, Matte Black, Navy, and Brown.

Aside from the functionality, I am a huge fan of the flowing minimalist design. The mug has accentuating lines that delineate the soft curves and shape of its mold. The designers even considered the slight dimple on the upper portion of the handle that allows for easy movement of the mug without sacrificing its aesthetic.