A4estudio present us with this masterpiece of concrete, glass and aluminum located in Mendoza, Argentina. The low profile home shows a combination of materials that ties to the landscape. Boulders and stone walls seems to emerge and meet the cantilevered concrete structure and the middle outdoor space, acting more like an industrial atrium and bringing sun and green to the inside through the glass panels and doors. The interior is fresh and pristine where furniture seems playful and at ease instead of rigid and subject to a grid. The mosaic pool is a nice touch and the entertainment wall with a bunch of speakers makes it seem like you’re at a concert.

Architects: A4estudio — Leonardo Codina & Juan Manuel Filice
Location: Mendoza, Argentina
Area: 5,812 square feet
Materials: Glass, aluminum, steel and concrete
Photos: A4estudio

[via Plataforma Arquitectura]