Chances are you either own or know someone who has one of those bulky, name brand water filter pitchers. You know, where the water always has those black specks floating around in it. Mike Del Ponte had one and he didn’t really want to bust it out during a dinner party he was having. I mean, who wants that plastic pitcher sitting on their nicely decorated table? That led him to pouring the filtered water into a glass wine decanter and while doing so, the lid of the pitcher fell off and water went everywhere. At that moment, the decision to design a beautiful water filtration system that’s made of sustainable materials was born. Enter Soma.


The hourglass shape of the glass carafe easily fits in your hand, while also looking really awesome on your table. The German-engineered glass keeps your water tasting fresh and not like it’s been stored in plastic.


The filters that Soma uses are made entirely of biodegradable materials, including coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing. Each filter lasts approximately two months, or after it has processed about 40 gallons of water.


Soma holds about six 8-ounce glasses of water, making it the perfect system to make sure you get enough water each day. Fill it in the morning and drink throughout the day before you need to refill it.