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As product designers, artists, interior designers and such, the last thing you probably want to do is worry about designing your own website, too. Squarespace just launched Squarespace 6, a new more powerful and exciting easy-to-use platform that takes the complicated coding and unnecessary confusion out of creating beautiful websites.

Squarespace’s revolutionary LayoutEngine technology allows you to create just about any kind of page you want with ease – simply drag and drop. Add pages, galleries and content that can be easily customized and edited. You can even import a blog from other blogging platforms. Plus, edit your photos right in the Squarespace 6 gallery: crop, filter, and rotate them using an integrated Aviary tool. Once you upload an image, different sizes are automatically generated, and there is no manual resizing required.

My favorite aspect of Squarespace is that they give you the simple tools you need to build a beautiful website, but still allow you to customize it the way you want. You can customize more than 20 stunning, minimalist templates; edit the HTML, change colors and do tons more in their style editor. Plus, each comes with a mobile version built in so that your site looks great on any device.

Everything is social these days, and the new Squarespace makes that a cinch too – they’ve integrated all your favorite social networks so you can share quickly, publish directly to your social profiles, and allow your readers to share your content with a quick click. So you can automatically add your Instagram photos or your latest tweets without the need of unstable plugins or difficult coding.

Hosted on a cloud server and always up to date, Squarespace keeps you from having to worry about upgrading versions or dealing with patches. Plus, you can keep track of your visitors in real time, right there in your administration area. Oh, and that awesome domain name you have? You can use it.

All of this comes with Squarespace’s nifty 24/7 support team – they’re there to help you when you need them. What are you waiting for?