I love how the guesthouse juts out overlooking the pool in this home by Fernlund + Logan Architects. The ceiling, kitchen, and fireplace make a nod to mid-century modern style, but the updated concrete exterior of the home gives much more of a contemporary feel.

The house originally designed by Tony Smith in the 50’s consists of a main building, a guesthouse on stilts accessible from a ramp and a swimming pool built around a rock that marks the high point on the coast.

A studio / utility building has been added to the site replacing a derelict structure in the hillside. It consists of a structure of cast-in-place reinforced concrete following the contour lines of the hill with only 3 feet of the back wall and roof visible from the main building. No exterior or interior finishes have been added and a planted “green roof” integrates the structure to the garden. A cantilevered walkway serves as an outdoor corridor connecting the two separate functions of studio and mechanical room. In the main building, an exposed new kitchen was inspired by the materials and work of Tony Smith. In addition, extensive renovations of the existing swimming pool were made.