On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of being the media partner for BoConcept‘s Philadelphia leg of their Trend Talk Tour with designer Morten Georgsen. Georgsen is a Danish designer who currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain. His company Futhark has been designing for BoConcept for just about 20 years.

Here are some highlights from his talk:

Morten says…

  • Bauhaus is the “cradle of modern design.”
  • “Attitude is out, action is in. In the future we will not be measured by our mouths but our actions.”
  • Design is not good design unless it is being distributed.
  • Designers need to think creatively about materials not just about the form.
  • “We need to understand how people are living to design for them.”

Top trends for 2011/2012:

  • Back to basics – more sincere, low key, luxury on a budget
  • The new going out is staying in.
  • Contrast, contrast, contrast!
  • Formal trends include: neutral colors with pops of vintage blue, greens, rust, dark reds but muted. Style is inspired by 60s and 70s, travel, with woods and rough fabrics: honest, comfortable, textural.
  • Casual trends include: “just enough”, raw and industrial, soft simplicity, and personal. Graphic elements are abundant and colors include black and white with accents of grass green, workwear red, yelling yellow, blue, neon.

The event was very successful, we had a great crowd, and I met a lot of lovely people. The Philadelphia BoConcept store staff is a treat to work with. Also — a shoutout to Duvel for providing their tasty golden ale. I hope you can join me next time!

See the rest of the photos on the Design Milk Facebook page.